Melbourne - Stencil Graffiti Capital

"The walls of Melbourne are very noisy, but not in a shouty New York kind of way, more like the noise of a hundred drunk people talking amongst themselves. A town where people can get away with chatting to each other through the breeze blocks is an interesting town. It makes everybody, whether they like it or not, feel more free. The city doesn't look so much like it's run by mean spirited bureaucrats and the police. It looks like the city belongs to anyone who wants it. It feels like there's more opportunity."


"Melbourne is a Mecca for stencils. For a photographer who specializes in stencil graffti, it is the ultimate feeding frenzy. Fitzroy...Carlton, in fact, all its boroughs have some hidden stencil gems to surprise you. The dialogue and camaraderie between Melbourne's street artists is self evident.

The city's walls and spaces are meeting places for ideas - propelling the art form forward as artists outdo each other with bigger, bolder, madder or simply strange and beautiful stencils that leave you completely bewildered and addicted. Melbourne has easily the best stencil graffti scene in Australia if not the world at the moment!"

TRISTAN MANCO - Author of the bestselling book Stencil Graffiti


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